Knebworth Family of Churches

The history of KFC
On Sunday 15 June 2008, after over thirty years of preparation, the churches in Knebworth (then St Martin's, St Mary's, Trinity and St Thomas More ó and now joined by Church of the Risen Christ) signed a covenant. The word Ďcovenantí literally means to come together and that is exactly what the churches in Knebworth have decided to do.

The five congregations continue to worship in their own churches on a regular basis but all five congregations now look increasingly for ways in which they can work together to demonstrate the Christian message for the people of Knebworth.

Working under the banner of the Knebworth Family of Churches (KFC), the churches have launched such events as the Good Egg Club (for children in the holidays), study groups and the Good Neighbour Scheme, which provides practical assistance to people in need.

The Covenant pledges each church to:

  • respect each otherís faith and practice, their doctrines, traditions and developing traditions;

  • worship together regularly;

  • pray for unity and for each otherís on-going life and worship;

  • share in activities that nurture and challenge each other;

  • engage in mission and outreach together, to serve this village and share the good news of Jesus Christ with its residents; and

  • seek to work together, whenever they are not prevented from doing so, by conscience.

Christian Aid is supported by KFC


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